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Chimney Caps & Dampers

Whether you use that fireplace or not, getting the right chimney cap is crucial. It will protect your chimney from water damages. Some caps are equipped with a damper. That damper prevents cold from coming in. Some caps are offered in a painted finish or even, with a copper look. Some are even manufactured for multi-flue systems.

Chimney Liners

Typically installed in an existing masonry chimney, liners will ensure your fireplace is optimal for combustion and efficiency. Liners are available for gas, wood and pellet fired stoves, inserts and built-ins. We only see liners made in North America.


Stove Pipe

This is the black pipe connecting a wood stove to a chimney. We strongly recommend double wall pipe. That is a stove pipe made with stainless steel for the inner exhaust and steel for the outer apparent pipe. Not only does it reduce the clearances to combustible on most stoves, but it is a much safer pipe.

Chimney Cleaning and Rods

Specifically for wood and pellet heating! Chimneys need to be cleaned at least once a year by a professional. Many homeowners are adding a cleaning or two per heating season. We have professional grade brushes and rods, only the best!