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We Love Fire Canada, Inc.
PO Box 75023
Quebec, QC G1Y 1N1

Contact: Sophie Lepage

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Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
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White Glove Services

We Love Fire® dealers will go above and beyond to bring you a genuine White-Glove Install & service experience. Our White Glove services include:

BBQ Grills: $149

We professionally assemble and deliver your We Love Fire® Purchase to your home.* White-Glove Service includes the delivery, moving grill into a back yard, or onto a patio.** If you already have a working Natural Gas line with proper shut-off or a full Propane tank on hand, we will hook up and test fire the grill.

* Delivery area is determined by location. We have a limited service area for our White-Glove program. Please confirm your home falls within our White-Glove service area.

** Additional cost for anything over 3’ off the ground or with reduced access to the desired area of the appliance. Please provide a photo or video of the destination and path for appropriate cost considerations.

Electric Fireplaces: $149

We will deliver your new electric fireplace inside your home, unpack it and place it where you want it. If desired, we can also provide the Installation service.*

*Proper Electrical outlet must be in place for installation. White-Glove delivery and service does not provide any other services, only plugging in and setting into a proper framed area of the appliance. All electrical work to be performed by licensed and qualified electricians.


Fireplaces require onsite verification and layout to ensure the product will work inside your home. Many different factors have to be determined before we can finalize the cost of your project. However, we offer an easy onsite inspection or even video conference proposals. We can quickly and accurately determine the proper placement and venting needed to provide you the highest quality installation for your home. Contact us today for an in-home or virtual professional turn-key installation.

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